The Shocking Expose Of Courses For Affiliate Marketing (or Kiss Your Day Job Goodbye)!

I am going to outline in a few short paragraphs how Courses for Marketing can get you to the very top of the Affiliate Pyramid! Well, beyond doubt the single most compelling reason you ought to promote the products of others is that you can take home a shed load of money (a shedload in affiliate speak is more than you can carry but less than you can squeeze into your luxury car/boat/jet) and you don t even require a website. In actuality, in selected cases, it’s best if you don t have a website! Neither do you require any programming skill or a degree in Gobbledegook, as long as you can cut and paste (hint – not with scissors and glue) and are prepared to receive twice monthly deposits into your bank account, it follows that you have all the qualifications you will ever need. But, and herein lies the rub, you need to do this correctly if you are going to be successful, in other words, you need to follow precise instructions to the letter.

Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a first time affiliate, courses for marketing can be the difference betweem boom and bust.

Let us illustrate how it works with the following case study:

We will use Clickbank, the world s largest affiliate market place for digital products, as an example. There are literally thousands of products to promote on Clickbank, they are all digitally delivered, i.e. Sent via email, and they are all required to offer a 2 month money back promise. Clickbank is free to sign up for affiliates, meaning it costs the marketer zero to enrol as a member in order to promote this massive variety of products. Here follows a full selection of the categories that they offer:

Arts and Entertainment
Cooking, Food and Wine
E-business and E-Marketing
Employment and Jobs
Green Products
Health and Fitness
Home and Garden
Parenting and Families
Politics/Current Events
Self Help
Software and Services
Spirituality, New Age and Alternative Beliefs

Additionally, for example, the “Mobile” category has contained within it six sub-categories, “Apps”, “Development”, “Ringtones” etc. I think you are starting to see the picture – there is a niche for everyone here and you need not know a single thing about the niche or product you wish to promote, it is enough that you want to promote it in order to reap the reward. There is a very good reason that Clickbank is marketed as the worlds largest digital marketplace, they have paid out Billions of dollars in commissions to their affiliates which puts them right at the pinnacle of the Affiliate world. Don’t get the wrong impression, to put to good use an old cliche, all that glitters is not necessarily gold and it definitely pays dividends to sort out the wheat from the chaff (pardon the unfortunate intrusion of another much used cliche!). Luckily for us Clickbank has all manner of tools to help the affiliate sort products in order of popularity or what they call gravity, the higher the gravity the more well-liked the product, the more well-liked the product the better odds there are that it actually is worth promoting. Products can also be rated according to payout, some products pay as much as 75% (yes, the product owner only takes 25% of a sale in this case!), so a combination of a high gravity, high payout product has a much better chance of succeeding than a lower gravity or lower payout product. Vendors also offer their affiliates a selection of tools in order to help them promote the products more efficiently, depending on the vendor, it could range from sample banners and text ads to targeted keywords and subscription newsletters, every vendor on Clickbank is one of a kind and there is beyond doubt a vendor match for every affiliate. For the newbie and seasoned veteran affiliate marketer alike, this is one market place that ought to be considered as a first-rate place to begin travelling the road to affiliate wealth.